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A new feature has been added to Stadia

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A new feature has been added to Stadia

A much-requested feature has made its way on to the Google Stadia platform. The Google Stadia website has been updated with information on the ability to access your game capture library.

This has been a requested feature for quite some time since Stadia launched, especially since there is a button on the Stadia controller that allows for users to take screenshots and recordings, however, there was no way to view and share them.

On March 3rd, Stadia has announced that this feature is now live and that users are now able to log in to their accounts and access the Game Capture Library to share their epic recordings and beautiful screenshots.

Stadia Pro owners can save up to 500 video clips and unlimited screenshots. Those without a pro subscription can only save up to 100 clips.

Do note that the Stadia mobile does not have this function yet and is exclusive to the web version of Stadia.

Stadia is slowly starting to gain some traction, but is it too late?

What are your thoughts on this new feature from Google Stadia?

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