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A Steam glitch temporarly removed games from players libraries

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A Steam glitch temporarly removed games from players libraries

Steam was hit with a temporary glitch on Tuesday. Every Tuesday, Steam carries out scheduled maintenance to make sure that all systems are running normally. However, this maintenance caused some issues.

Late Tuesday, players started reporting that games they have bought started showing the "purchase" button in there library. If players were to attempt to purchase the game again, it would error out, saying that the game was already in their library. This ultimately meant that the game was unplayable.

The error was explained in a thread over on resetera. It has also been reported that the error mainly affected Dead by Daylight and Bethesda games.

Players found a temporary fix that appeared to work. They needed to clear the Steam Download Cache. However, on Wednesday, Steam tweeted that the issue has been fixed and that players may need to restart their Steam client if they are still experiencing problems.

Glitches like these are a tad bit worrying. This shows that a system error can cause you to lose your digital purchases without you knowing. Thankfully, Steam was able to fix the glitch rather quickly.

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