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Dirt 5 gets a release date of October 9th

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Dirt 5 gets a release date of October 9th

Codemasters has officially revealed the release date of their next iteration to their Dirt series, Dirt 5. The game will allow you to hit the dirt this October 9th.

Dirt 5 will be taking a different approach than that of Codemasters other Rally game, Dirt Rally 2.0. The Dirt series is more of a casual style racing game, while Dirt Rally is more for hardcore sim racers.

Dirt 5 will be introducing a reworked Career mode that will feature over 130 events across nine types of races and Throwdown challenges. Making your way through five different chapters, you can select the path that satisfies your racing itch. Each event will allow you to earn stamps. The higher you place, the more stamps you get.

These stamps will then be used to unlock the next main event, which will allow you to proceed to the next chapter.

The Career mode will also be tied together with James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes from Donut Media and the Dirt Podcast. This podcast will feature the characters in the game, as well as other guests like the current W Series World Champion, Jamie Chadwick, and YouTuber SLAPTrain.

Check out this sweet Dirt 5 update video!

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