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EA Access page is live on Steam.

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EA Access page is live on Steam.

At the end of last year, Electronic Arts announced that they would be bringing its games back to Valve's digital store platform, Steam. Recently, EA games started to pop up on Steam. EA also announced that they would be bringing their subscription-based service to Steam as well.

If you use EA's game launcher, Origin, you would know this subscription service as Origin Access. However, for Steam, they will not be carrying over the Origin name, and instead will be offering the service as "EA Access." The service can be found over on Steam here.

Although it does not appear that a price is listed on Steam yet, it will probably be around the same price as Origin Access, which is $5 a month or $30 a year. Those who subscribe to EA Access will get access to a selection of EA games, 10% off all EA purchases on Steam, ten hours of pre-launch playtime of select upcoming games, and unlock exclusive rewards and member-only content.

Will you be getting EA's upcoming subscription on Steam? Comment below!

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