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Epic Games Store now has Mod support and achievements

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Epic Games Store now has Mod support and achievements

Epic Games Store finally has achievements and support for mods. This is great for the digital distribution platform because it brings them another step closer to Steam. These features have been requested for a long time, and they are finally coming to the platform.

In a tweet on July 29th, Epic Games Store announced that you might start seeing achievements for some of the games offered through the store. This feature is in early access, so you should expect to see changes and adjustments as time goes on.

Epic Games also announced that mod support is coming as well. This comes in a tweet from MechWarrior5Mercs official twitter account stating that they are "the first game to participate in the Beta launch of Epic Games STore Mods!"

I am excited to see Epic Games slowly bringing in great features to their store. I hope they continue to release features that allow them to catch up to Steam and appease the community for features they have been asking for.

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