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Fable reboot revealed by Microsoft

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Fable reboot revealed by Microsoft

During the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23rd, Microsoft unveiled what is to be the upcoming reboot of the Fable role-playing series. The announcement of the Fable reboot confirms some rumors that have been going around. The teaser, which you can view below, was showcased alongside other next-generation games.

The game will be lead by Playground Games, the studio behind the Forza Horizon games.

The existence of an open-world role-playing game from Playground Games has been teased for quite some time. So it is not entirely shocking for this reveal. However, knowing that it is a Fable reboot has excited many fans of the original Fable series.

Not much is currently known about this Fable reboot other than it will be available for the Xbox Series X and Windows 10 at launch. Once we hear more about it, you can bet that we will be posting about it!

Will you be playing the Fable reboot when it releases?

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