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Geforce Now adds Blightbound, Dead Age 2, and more

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Geforce Now adds Blightbound, Dead Age 2, and more

Bam! Thursday is here again, and that means more games will be available for you to play on GeForce Now. It looks like for this week; you will be able to play 11 new games. The games are listed below.

NVIDIA also announced that they are offering two new features. The first being Steam Library Sync. This will allow you to sync your Steam Library with your GeForce Now account, making it easier to find the games you own on GeForce Now. According to NVIDIA:

In our newest PC and macOS app update (2.0.22), members can sync their Steam libraries to GeForce NOW by going to Settings > Game Sync. This feature will identify games in your Steam library that are supported by GeForce NOW and automatically add them to “My Library” within the app.

The other feature is the support for NVIDIA Highlights on Rainbow Six Siege. You will now be able to view in-game highlights that you experience while mowing down your enemies!

Steam Library Sync is especially lovely, and it is another step forward in making Cloud Gaming even easier to use. I am excited to see what NVIDIA will bring next!

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