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Google Stadia adds touch control support + more Android phones

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Google Stadia adds touch control support + more Android phones

Google Stadia has some exciting news for all of its subscribers, and soon to be subscribers. They have officially announced that Google Stadia will be available on any Android device that can install and run the Stadia App. This announcement includes phones that are not listed under their list of officially supported phones.

On top of that news, Google Stadia also announced that they had added Mobile Touch controls, allowing players to play games directly on their mobile devices instead of needing an external controller.


This release is the first version of the mobile touch controls, and Google stated that they would continue to "refine this feature over time." Touch controls are available for every game on Google Stadia.

Google also announced a few other cool features like being able to choose your resolution, and five new games being added to the Stadia Library. You can read more about these features here.

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