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Minecraft's Nether Update arrives on June 23rd!

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Minecraft's Nether Update arrives on June 23rd!

Minecraft's next major update will arrive on all platforms next week on June 23rd. This date applies to the game's Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows 10, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android editions, as well as the Java versions of the game.

This update brings a bunch of new changes to the Nether. This update includes bringing Biomes into the Nether, new enemies, new residents, and even new blocks. There is also new material that will be stronger than diamonds. Netherite.

Netherite can be used to upgrade your diamond armor to make it even more durable.

The new residents are villager-like Piglin's who will barter with you for gold, so make sure to mine some more gold! On top of the new residents, we will also see a new hog-like creature, the Hoglin's, which will be introduced as a new enemy in the Nether.

For the longest time, the Nether has stayed the same in Minecraft. A desolate, lava ridden place that only offered so much. This new update will surely add another bit of fun to the world of Minecraft!

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