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Project Cars 3 gets a release date of August 28th

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Project Cars 3 gets a release date of August 28th

Earlier this month, developers Slightly Mad Studios announced their upcoming racing sim game, Project Cars 3. We were given a reveal trailer as well as some details of the changes that are coming to the Project Cars series in the 3rd iteration of the game.

Well, now we have an official release date of August 28th. The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 at launch.

Jump into the world of Project Cars with a whole new career, new and extensive upgrades, and better online races. Take your car throughout your career, or purchase faster cars as you grow and gain more in-game currency.

The game has not been announced for a specific PC platform, however. We do not know if the game will be on Steam, Epic Games Store, or any other platforms at launch. We will update all of you once we find out!

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