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Rainbow Six Siege patch delayed at last second

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Rainbow Six Siege patch delayed at last second

So, you know how many games are delaying patches because of reasons relating to the pandemic? Some of these games delay patches the day before, or a few weeks to a month earlier. Well, Rainbow Six Siege just took it to another level!

Posted on the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account, they decided to delay a patch on the day of its release. The patch in question, Y5S2.3, was supposed to release on July 28th. A Maintenance tweet went out earlier in the day; however, it was followed by the tweet saying that the patch will be delayed "due to unforeseen circumstances."

However, the patch has been released today, July 29th, according to another maintenance tweet that was posted earlier today.

Patch Y5S2.3 would allow for Oryx to dash through softwall's without using all of his dash charges, lowers deployment time for Gridlock's caltrop, and more. You can read the full list of changes over at Rainbow Six Siege's official website

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