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Sea of Thieves passes the 15 million player mark

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Sea of Thieves passes the 15 million player mark

Sea of Thieves, a fun pirate simulator game released back in March of 2018, has hit a huge milestone. The developers, Rare, announced that the game had hit a total of 15 million players with June 2020 being their biggest month. In June, 3.3 million players set sail in the game, with over one million copies sold on Steam since its release to the platform on June 3rd.

That is a significant milestone!

The game has received multiple updates since launch that have added new sea monsters, new items, quests, pets, and much more. It does not look like Rare plans on stopping development anytime soon, especially since the game has an upcoming update called "Ashen Winds" that will be adding even cooler content to the game.

Sea of Thieves focuses on PVP content; however, it also has random encounters with sea monsters such as the Kraken and Megladon. This adds an exciting aspect to the game. With consistent free updates, Rare can keep players entertained and attract new players to try out the game.

So, what ye' say? Ya' give Sea of Thieves a try?

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