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Service disruption with all Shadow Datacenters

1 min read
Service disruption with all Shadow Datacenters

Update: At 3:18am CST, Shadow identified that their was a bug in the streaming service and have since deployed a fix. They are currently monitoring the situation to make sure that all is good now.

At 8:26PM on February 28th, Shadow announced that they are having service issues with all of there Datacenters.

Currently, multiple users have been reporting L:104 and L:105 errors when trying to launch their Shadows.

Shadow is aware of the issue and they are currently investigating what is causing the issue.

If you are experiencing the L:104 and/or the L:105 errors or are dealing with your Shadow not connecting, be aware that they do know of the service disruption.

Are you currently having issues connecting to Shadow? Comment below!

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