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Shadow's Ultra and Infinite Tiers are delayed until 2021.

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Shadow's Ultra and Infinite Tiers are delayed until 2021.

In an announcement from Shadow on their official Twitter, Shadow's upcoming Ultra and Infinite tiers have been delayed until 2021. Shadow states that this delay is because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Shadow relies on hardware just as much as software to provide you a top-notch gaming experience. Due to the novel Coronavirus, however, the delivery of key components for your new configuration was impacted and delayed."

Shadow originally stated that the Ultra and Infinite Tiers would be released by the end of this Summer; however, Shadow has been playing catchup on getting current Shadow Boost pre-orders out, as well as dealing with delays caused by COVID-19.

This is unfortunate, as I was hoping to use the Ultra and Infinite tiers for benchmarking, but much like many other things, COVID-19 decided that it was not meant to be.

Well, time to look forward to 2021 and continue using the Shadow Boost in the meantime!

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