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The next Stadia Connect Livestream to come July 14th

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The next Stadia Connect Livestream to come July 14th

Today, Google announced that they would be having another Stadia Connect event next month. Airing on July 14th, we will be able to look at some of the upcoming games that will hit the Stadia platform this year.

However, Google has not disclosed a time or what exactly will be shown at the event, only that you will be able to watch the next Stadia Connect on the official Google YouTube channel.

Google has been attempting to build up Stadia's presence, especially ever since they had a... let's just say, a not good launch. In April of this year, they had their first Stadia Connect, hoping to grab the interest of both gamers and developers alike.

Google continues to add games to its library and recently reduced its Stadia Premier kit by $30. On top of this, they made Stadia available for all Android phones that can download, install, and run the Stadia App—opening up the platform to an even bigger audience than before.

Google Stadia can currently be played on your PC via a Chrome Browser, a Chromecast Ultra, and mobile devices that can run the Stadia app.

With competition rising from GeForce Now and now Project xCloud, I wonder how much harder Google will continue to push Stadia to try and win the "cloud gaming race."

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