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World of Tanks EnCore Benchmarks

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World of Tanks EnCore Benchmarks

World of Tanks is a free MMO where you pilot a tank and battle others.

All benchmarks are taken at Maximum available graphics. All benchmarks are recorded using OBS and Hardware NVENC. Do note this may impact performance a little bit, so expect your actual in-game performance to be a little higher.

Shadow Boost Benchmark

System Specifications

  • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2678 v3 2.5GHz (3.4GHz Boost)
  • GPU: NVIDIA Quadro P5000
  • RAM: 12GB

Benchmark at 1080p

Overall, the Benchmark ran extremely well. Little to no issues with performance, and everything appeared to be super smooth. Shadow should have absolutely no issue running World of Tanks, or any of the titles.


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