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World of Warcraft to get ray tracing support

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World of Warcraft to get ray tracing support

In the Shadowlands alpha test, it has been noticed that a new "ray tracing" option is available in the System Settings of the game.

On a post over on Wowhead, it looks like a user, by the name of "Jaydaa" provided a screenshot of the new setting to prove that it is indeed real. The setting is in the menu, however, it currently can not be enabled at this time.


Mentioned in the post, "When this option is enabled, players using Nvidia video cards that support the RTX technology should have access to more realistic looking shadows when using this technology. It is important to highlight that this option will likely not be available to players without RTX-enabled Nvidia Graphics Cards"

If you do not know what ray tracing is, it is a lighting technique that allows for graphics to look near photo-realistic. This is possible thanks to NVIDIA's RTX-enabled graphics cards. Without an RTX card, ray tracing will be difficult to achieve, if not near impossible.

This will be a nice enhancement to World of Warcraft allowing players to utilize higher-end systems to make the game look better.

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